Game of The Week-Sky Pirates. SKY PIRATES.

Hello again! I'm back after a week-long absence, um, last week. I'm sorry; I hate missing deadlines, especially self-imposed ones, but I can't always predict what direction life is going to take me in. This was combined with a slightly longer game than usual. But a basically unbroken track record for over a year… » 8/26/14 10:24pm 8/26/14 10:24pm

Clipping Through: One Mad Week in Video Games-The TAY Review

I'm writing this review having just finished Clipping Through: One Mad Week in Video Games, written by Leigh Alexander. Well, not just finished. I stayed up last night reading it (I keep weird hours anyway). My Kindle, on which I read the book because I am a pretentious nerd, sits on my desk, snug in it's case. A… » 8/08/14 8:49pm 8/08/14 8:49pm