WingZero351 has average Strength and Speed, but starts with 999 points in Sarcasm and Cynicism.

Hey, welcome to my ConTAYct Page! I saw a line of people, so I've decided to stand in it.

I write Game of The Week every Tuesday, as well as my new semi recurring feature, WingZero's Top Ten!
Look for a new feature soon. It'll be...I guess sort of a flip side to the Game of The Week? We'll see :)
Some junk about me:

  • I'm a writer, mostly sci-fi and fantasy, but I write in other genres too.
  • I'm something of a musician as well. Mainly guitar, but also some piano, and just a bit of drums. I played clarinet and tenor sax in high school.
  • I can kinda sorta draw. Which is to say, not really. Though I make the effort nonetheless.
  • I'm kind of a casual sports fan. Pretty much hockey is all I'll follow.
  • I'm into comics, but more into the stuff Vertigo publishes, like 100 Bullets and DMZ, and, as you can see by the pic above, Transmetropolitan. I don't really read superhero stuff anymore.
  • Long walks on the beach kind of suck sometimes. But if it's with the right person, I guess it doesn't matter where you go.


AND I'm working on another project...something big...we'll see :)

Message me about whatever here. Questions, comments, musings, best pizza place in NYC...whatever.

Feel like just chatting? You can do that, too!

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