Hey all! I’m Brian (Bri is fine and great), and I used to be WingZero351 (sometimes I still am). You know me from Game of the Week, which isn’t weekly so much these days, but yeah! I’m still alive :)

I can never decide what I want when people ask me what I want for Christmas, which makes me a ginormous pain. So here’s some random things I thought of off the top of my head:

Gundam Models: Specifically from Gundam Wing, my favorite anime; I actually have none of these, despite my choice of user name! I used to, but have no idea whatever happened to them. I also dig the original RX-78 Gundam from the original series. I got the Wing Gundam model last year and I also have Deathscythe Hell Custom :)


Literally any piece of merch from the movie Spirited Away; all I have from it is a hat.

Pretty much anything Overwatch related.

Legend of Zelda is my favorite thing ever, so it’s likely I’ve got most merch from it :)


Also video games, of course. Those are cool.

Hats! Gaming and anime hats! I’ve got a collection of baseball caps and wool beanies but I’m always looking to add to it.


I love video game vinyl soundtracks! I have every Castlevania one, as well as Perfect Dark, Silent Hill, Contra, and Battletoads, and I’m always looking to expand this collection. Vinyls are pricey, though; please don’t spend too much on me :)

My Amazon Wishlist is here if you want more ideas; I’m still building it up.

My Steam Wishlist is here too!

Also I like comics and books. Mostly fantasy and sci-fi stuff.

My shirt size is 2XL (technically 1X but go with 2X cause I like loose clothes) and I have too many video game shirts, but an anime one from Gundam (or Gundam Wing), One Punch Man, or Pokemon would be cool.


Speaking of Pokemon, any Pokemon item is cool too! I like figures, plushes, whatever.

Franchises and things I like, in no particular order:

Star Wars

Zelda (I love it and am its biggest fan)


Anything Nintendo

Final Fantasy

Gundam Wing



Calvin & Hobbes

and so many others I’m forgetting right now.

Thanks for listening, and I’m honored to be part of this fun thing!

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