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Game of the Week-Spectacular 1st issue!

Hi there! WingZero351 here. You can call me Zero, or Z, for short.

Anywho, out of nowhere I decided to attempt a regular series of blogs about video games. Because video games, that's why.


A little backstory: basically, I'm an aspiring writer who feels that a schedule, even a couple articles a week, might help the mild writer's block I suffer from.

So, I came up with this simple "Game of the Week" idea. I choose a game from my (extensive) personal collection, and discuss why you should play it, or, why you should replay it. The rules are pretty loose: it can be any game from any system ever, as long as I've played it. That's the only way I'd feel comfortable discussing it. And, of course, feel encouraged to post questions and comments, I'd love some feedback!


So without further ado, my first pick is...

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Final Fantasy VI

Yes, admittedly an obvious choice, if you're a fan of JRPG's, games, or awesomeness. Known to some as Final Fantasy III when it was released in America in 1994 for the Super Nintendo, it has since been re-released roughly 7,963 times since then, appearing on the Playstation, Game Boy Advance, Wii Virtual Console, etc. etc.


So it's everywhere. It's widely available. But why should you play (or replay) it?

There are only a select few games out there, where gameplay, story, music, graphics...everything, everything that makes up a game, come together and makes that game more than the sum of its parts. FFVI is one of them.


The story (initially) concerns a girl named Terra Branford and her quest to remember her past, accompanied by Locke Cole, a treasure hunter (aka mercenary). Naturally, the story expands greatly, in true RPG fashion. By about halfway through, you're soaring through the skies on an airship, exploring the huge, town-and-dungeon-peppered world with no less than fourteen playable characters. It's a story with a lot of heart, and it goes places you would never expect, with some very dark moments, and an earth-shattering twist towards the end.


Combat was, and is, seen as revolutionary for its time. The main change from previous RPG's was the Active Time Bar, a meter next to each character's HP that would fill up, and when full, would allow that character to attack, use magic etc. This first appeared in Final Fantasy IV, but personally, I feel it works better in VI due to moving noticeably faster.

Another plus was the wildly different character classes present for the fourteen characters, each having a different role, requiring the player to choose their party carefully before setting out. Do you bring along magic user Terra? Or maybe Sabin, and his Street Fighter II-esque Blitz attacks?


And espers, the magical creatures you can assign to each party member, boosting their stats and equipping them with magic. There's only so many to go around. Choices, choices...

The graphics still hold up, too. I mean, of course they're dated. The game is now almost 20 years old. But they hold up in that charming retro, SNES, Mode 7 kind of way. This is bolstered by a strong art style and one of the best Final Fantasy soundtracks ever.


Personally, I feel Square-Enix should remake this, not FF7. A high-def, 3D FFVI would just be epic.

Well, there you have it. A short summary of what I think about Final Fantasy VI. Hope you enjoyed reading, and I look forward to comments!


Next week: One is all, and all is one!

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